Fryso Stirrup Leathers

Made of first quality German leather. With “Fryso” imprint, in black and brown leather.
Available in sizes : S,M,L and XL

Fryso Stirrups

Stainless steel or Gold coloured stirrups with “Fryso” print

Fryso Girths

Synthetic girth – This dressage girth is made of neoprene material and very comfortable for the horse. The buckles are made of stainless steel and the girth is non-allergic.  Available in black or brown

Synthetic anatomic girth – Anatomically shaped girth, provides a better pressure balance and prevents saddles from sliding forward. Made from neoprene material which is non-allergic and easy in maintenance.

Fryso Saddlecover

Saddle cover which covers the whole seat and doesn’t pull on the saddle flaps.

Fryso Sheepskin Saddle blankets

Merino Wool


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