Dunstan Park are very proud to have established a new partnership with Tweespan for the importation of Fryso® saddles and their other products into Australia. Fryso® saddles are handmade horse saddles, made of the highest quality leather and with a wooden spring tree base. Fryso saddles are characterised by excellent workmanship and very comfortable and soft seating. Designed to offer superior comfort to the rider as well as to the horse providing the following benefits:

  • Maximum shoulder freedom
  • Extra-wide panels
  • A well fitting saddle for the wider horse as well as the more modern style and leaner Friesian
  • Special designs and options are available on request
  • Specially designed for the wider Friesian horse

We will be offering a selection of the most popular range and working with retailers across Australia and New Zealand to deliver these to you in store.  In addition to stock on the ground in Australia, we will be facilitating delivery of the complete Fryso range of saddles and accessories custom made to suit you and your horse.  We are very excited about our new partnership and welcome any queries you might have about exactly what makes these saddles superior.

Dressage Saddles

The Fryso dressage saddles are handmade in the Netherlands and are made of the highest quality pre-selected materials. Apart from providing the most comfortable fit for the horse, the working of the riders seat and aids have been taken into account when designing the saddle. A right fitting saddle helps the rider use the slightest of aids and a minimal amount of pressure because the optimal contact of the saddle on the horse’s back ensures that even the smallest aids are effective.

A lot of attention has been paid to the possibility of a relaxed and natural position for the rider.  Horseback riding is hard enough without having to pay attention to your position all the time. Fryso’s dressage saddles are filled with 100% natural wool ensuring that the saddle adjusts naturally to the variations in your horse’s back. Naturally your personal preferences and desires can be incorporated in your saddle.

Fryso dressage saddles come in the following types:KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

  • Legacy
  • Lux
  • Profile
  • Classic
  • Square
  • Professional
  • Legato

All Purpose Saddles

Fryso general purpose saddles are suitable for the starting rider as well as the advanced long distance rider. Leisure riders who love long trail rides will feel very safe and comfortable in a Fryso saddle. Naturally, the fit and comfort for the horse are our highest priority with the general purpose saddles as well. There are three different types available

  • Cambridge
  • Valley
  • Classic GP

Saddle Fitting

Unfortunately it’s not possible for us to fly all over the Australia and New Zealand to fit Fryso saddles (although what a fabulous life that would be!) However, we still want to offer the best opportunity possible to determine the perfect saddle and fit for your horse. In order for us to give you the best advice we need some information about your horse. We would like to know it’s age, breed and pedigree. Also we need a completed measuring form so we know in what shape the horse’s back is. Last but not least some pictures taken from the side of the horse will be helpful. If you can send us all that, we can help you find your Fryso saddle!  We have a quote form for you to fill in with all the information that you need to price up your saddle.

We do provide fitting services for people and horses local to South East Queensland.  Please contact us if  you would like to book an appointment.

You can download the measurement form here, to get started on measuring yourself and your horse.

Measure your horse for a new Fryso