What is an in utero foal?

An in utero foal, is a foal that has been conceived but is not yet born. Dunstan Park Stud offers in utero foals from KFPS Approved Studbook stallions, our own Ster Stallions over our imported mainbook mares.

We can also place our mares in foal to the available stallion of your choice from Australia, or use imported Semen from Studbook Stallions listed below.

  • Maiko 373
  • Bente 412
  • Dries 421
  • Fabe 348
  • Lammert 260
  • Feitse 293
  • Harmen 424
  • Tsjerk 328
  • Andries 415
  • Fetse 349
  • Ulke 338
  • Beart 411
  • Ielke 382
  • Norbert 444
  • Onne 376
  • Doitsen 420
  • Haitse 425
  • Jerke 434
  • Tsjalle 454


Our breeding program strives to create tall, modern Friesian horses with a strong aptitude for dressage.  Our horses are all well over 16h tall, but we have not sacrificed talent nor looks in order to obtain height.

Horses have an 11 month gestation period. Once born, the foal is fed by it’s mother for around seven months before being weaned.

Once the foal is completely weaned it is available to be transported to your home.

Dunstan Park provide full agistment, training and breaking services should you wish to wait until your foal is old enough to be broken before taking him home.  Our foals are handled daily and are imprinted at birth.  They are familiarised with children, dogs, farm machinery, motor bikes, vehicles and road traffic in general.  It is vital to us that the horse you take home is one that you can catch, care for and work with immediately.

We offer in utero foals for purchase to those of you desperate to own a Friesian but unable to find exactly what you are after.  All of our imported mares arrive in foal to main Studbook stallions from the Netherlands, or you can elect to breed one of our mares to our stallion standing at stud Dunstan Park Harm.

Payment plans are available to assist you to achieve your Friesian dreams and can be tailored to suit your specific needs- you will be surprised at just how affordable your Dunstan Park Friesian could be.

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