Fryso Laguna Saddle

. The Laguna is a deep seated saddle with a square cantle.  Designed to fit a range of horses, it can be customised to be more narrow or wide, as the need arises. The preformed flaps give this saddle a luxurious look. This saddle is available in Australia and New Zealand by custom order.

Fryso Saddles for Friesians

Dunstan Park are very proud to have established a new partnership with Tweespan for the importation of Fryso® saddles and their other products into Australia. Fryso® saddles are handmade horse saddles, made of the highest quality leather and with a wooden spring tree base. Fryso saddles are characterised by excellent workmanship and very comfortable and… Read More

Fryso Saddle Options

Contact us for more information or samples of the leather or colours. Leather Types and Colours Buffalo leather Deer skin Calf leather Patent leather Color/Welt Knee Rolls Multiple types of knee rolls are available to choose from Flaps Lengthen or shorten the default flap length Seat Options Narrow seat Additional gusset, if necessary front and… Read More

Fryso Saddle Accessories

Fryso Stirrup Leathers Made of first quality German leather. With “Fryso” imprint, in black and brown leather. Available in sizes : S,M,L and XL Fryso Stirrups Stainless steel or Gold coloured stirrups with “Fryso” print Fryso Girths Synthetic girth – This dressage girth is made of neoprene material and very comfortable for the horse. The buckles… Read More

Fryso All Purpose Classic GP Saddle

A general purpose saddle based on the Classic dressage saddle. Comfortable semi-deep seat with a little more freedom as the Valley but not as extreme as the Cambridge. The soufflés finish off the nice look of the saddle.  This saddle is available in Australia and New Zealand by custom order. Suitable for: All types of riders,… Read More

Fryso All Purpose Cambridge Saddle

This is a general-purpose saddle with a semi-deep seat. This saddle has a lot of freedom in the seat so the rider isn’t forced.  This saddle is a good choice for starting riders. The cushions are a little shorter which makes this saddle suitable for horses with a shorter back. This saddle is available in… Read More

Fryso Classic Saddle

This dressage saddle gives the rider a little more room in the seat compared to the Fryso Legacy, and is a good saddle for those of us with curves. The Classic saddle give the rider optimum contact with the horse meaning the horse responds more readily to aids from a quieter leg. The lower pad… Read More

Fryso Lux Saddle

This saddle is the star of our collection and has a deeper seat than the Legacy.  Because of the use of soft stiff deerskin the rider has a more stable seat in the saddle.  The Lux saddle has a special kneeroll which supports the upperleg but leaves room for the knee. Unique about this saddle… Read More