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We are so excited to be kicking off the newest Friesian horse stud in Australia. It will take us some time to get up and running, but our dreams are finally starting to become a reality.

I have just come back from a number of weeks overseas where among other things I headed to the Netherlands and met with our fantastic new partners from Friesenstal Reuselinkhof (try saying that ten times fast). Despite the language barrier and the obvious fact that Karin and Rob’s English was far superior to my Dutch, armed with a few choice phrases, we managed to get by very well and firm friendships and bonds were formed…..not the least of all with their fantastic 11 year old son when I introduced him to the wonderful world of Dragonvale!

The purpose of my visit was to investigate the quality of the horses available in the Netherlands and to hopefully purchase a few beautiful friesian mares in foal to start our stud farm with. I had been watching Friesenstal Reuselinkhof’s website for over a year and chatting with Karin and Rob via email occasionally about their horses.

I was staying in a nearby bed and breakfast De Ruisende Aar which on arrival had completely taken my breath away. Irma, the wonderful lady who runs this bed and breakfast has created the most inviting atmosphere, and her rooms and breakfasts are the things that I am certain Dutch legends are made of!

I was very excited to visit Friesenstal Reuselinkhof and had wondered if perhaps they had some fancy photography that made their home and stables, and their horses look better than they actually were. I was worried I might be disappointed with the reality.

My worries were pointless. In fact I was awestruck with how amazing their facilities were. Their horses were breathtakingly magnificent, but the thing that blew me away the most was how honest and genuine both Karin and Rob were. They eagerly welcomed me into their stables, plied me with great coffee, which was very welcome after my lengthy travels; and listened to our dreams of starting our stud in Australia, and what we believed would be key to our success.

We talked for hours and came to a great understanding of each other’s principles and objectives. Quality, trust and honesty. That was what we were both after in a partnership.

……then Rob showed me their horses. There were a number of stallions and mares to choose from, but Rob knew what I was looking for. I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life. The Stallion Mark (Yes we really do need to change his name) and the two mares Froucke and Adelgonda were impressive in their stature, but when they moved they took my breath away! I was stunned by their majesty, their strength and their breathtaking movements.

It was love at first site, and upon reflection with my husband we decided we would purchase the three, with the mares in foal. These magnificent creatures would be the beginning of our dreams and the start of our small farm.


I came back the next day and Rob took me to the Stallion barn to select the Studbook stallions that would impregnate our mares. Only the best would do for my girls with Froucke pairing up with the legendary Maeije 440 and Adelgonda pairing up with Hinne 427.

The next day we drove to the transport company so that I could meet the people involved in the transport and gain a full understanding of the process from Winterswijk to Ninderry. How long would it take? What did quarantine involve? Would they look after my precious horses? Once I realised that the same quarantine people deal with multi million dollar horses such as the Royal Ascot winner Black Caviar I was very pleased, although I did find it a bit difficult to swallow that they would treat my black beauties with the same respect as they treated the great BC.

I came back to Australia elated at the outcomes of my visit.  The three newest members of our family will arrive on Australian shores in early October and then spend a number of weeks in quarantine.

Friesenstal Reuselinkhof have formed a partnership with Dunstan Park Stud in which we will facilitate the importation to Australia of the finest quality friesian horses.

Our service is a full service that includes:

  • assistance with selection;
  • management of veterinary checks including xrays and blood tests
  • organization and management of transportation from the Netherlands to Australia
  • a personalized groom service from the Netherlands to Sydney
  • door to door transportation from quarantine in Sydney to your property anywhere in Australia
  • management of any training required be it breaking to ride or harness
  • management of insemination and pregnancy
  • management of papers, transfer of ownership and passports
  • We want to enhance the existing community of Friesian lovers in Australia committed to the quality of the breed by providing additional resources and support, sharing our knowledge and experience and offering open forums for discussion and learning.We are excited that you are joining us on this journey and can’t wait to watch our future unfold.
    Maeije 440
    Hinne 427


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