We have had some terribly sad news from the Netherlands from Stalhouderij Meijer.  The approved KFPS Stallion (and sire to Dunstan Park Adelgonda’s unborn foal) Hinne 427 Sport passed away last week.

I had the privilege of meeting this awesome and very tall horse when I was in the Netherlands last month, and was incredibly saddened to hear of his loss.

“After all the positive news about Hinne 427 in top shape [it] is wrong to put an end to his short life. Monday Hinne had colic and was immediately brought to the clinic in Wolverhampton. Once there, he immediately had surgery. Hinne [was healthy coming] out of surgery and also successfully passed the night. The bad news on Tuesday evening hit like a bomb .. Hinne is deceased .. He is no more … We have been defeated and very sad about losing such a great stallion and will miss him terribly.

Hinne this season [bred] around 100 mares and was also in top form [in competition].  In a short period of time he and Maarten van Stek were selected in the B-team of the adapted dressagsports and [were going to appear again with Ingeborg in dressage.] It was not to be ..

We wish the family Bos from Waaxens, proud breeder and owner a lot of strength with this terrible loss …”

Our deepest condolences are with Hinne’s family, and caretakers.

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