Anton is the sire of our gorgeous stallion standing at stud Dunstan Park Mark

Anton 343 Sport’s Inbreed Coefficient is 2.34%

As you study Anton’s pedigree, please pay particular attention to Model, Preferent, and Ster Mares that are overwhelmingly evident on this legendary Stallion’s pedigree. The quality of Anton’s offspring is evidenced by his over 46% Ster approval. Only a very select few stallions possess a higher Ster percentage than Anton.

Anton 343 Sport’s Breeding Values for Exterior Linear Characteristics In this chart you will find the true excellence of this amazing Stallion. A near flawless linear score with the only poor score coming on the size of his hooves; Anton possesses the qualities that can improve the foal of virtually any KFPS Mare.

Photos provided courtesy of Anton’s Official Facebook page

Anton is no longer breeding and he has no frozen semen available


Photographs on this page are courtesy of Shelley Kelnhofer, Anton’s owner.