Folkert is Dunstan Park Froukje v.d.M.’s sire.

Folkert is a stallion who is very willing to work.
He is a grand mover, with a sufficient walk and a large and airy trot. His canter is ever so elegant.  He has great ability under saddle and does very well in harness and as a show horse. He gives both driver and rider a good feeling and is easy to work with.

His progeny are a uniform group of developed horses with a lot of charisma. They are beautiful Friesians with expressive heads very much like Froukje.

They have good posture with beautiful shoulders and neck with a lot of crest. The loins have a nice length. The horses tend to be a little weak in the back and miss length in the croup. They use the backhand very well and have a beautifully deep black colour. Their walk is spacious and powerful, but in some cases the horses use the hind leg a little bit too actively. The trot is very energetic and the hind leg is used very well. Some horses should create more space with the front leg.

Folkert 353