Studbook Stallion Feitse 293 Preferent (deceased)

Feitse is as big, black and beautiful as they come. This preferent stallion is a son of Jochem, he a son of the preferent stallion, Mark. Feitse is out of the ASTRE, preferent mare, Lysebet, from the 70 family.

Feitse completed a very good stallion test and was entered into the Friesian studbook. Feiste has achieved first premium each time he was presented at the stallion competitions. At test Feitse scored 8 for walk, 8 trot, and 8 for his gallop. Character, stable behavior and trainability all received scores of 9.

So far, Feitse has  6 approved sons including Rypke, Tsjerk, Fetse, Feike, and Folkert, 11 model mares, 15 preferent mares and many ster.  45% of his progeny were awarded ster and many of his offspring have celebrated success in the sporting fields.

He was awarded champion of the stallion testing in 1999 and 2000.

Feitse’s daughters are also proving themselves of excellent quality: 51.4% of his daughters have earned the Ster predicate, and nine of his daughters have become model. Even after the ster designation became more difficult in 1992, Feitse had the largest number of ASTRE daughters. Not only are Feitse offspring well-known for their beautiful exteriors and quality movement, they are also well-proven in sport, including his son Fetse, part of the 1999 “three up” national champion driving team.

Feiste also has champion pulling offspring, and in dressage he has several well know competitors including, Sietske, Rypke, Folkert and Feike.  The 2002 youth champion, Betje, is a Feitse offspring. Champion and reserve champion sisters, Wietske Rimke ASTRE and Eefje Rimke are two outstanding daughters of Feiste.


2 thoughts on “Feitse 293 (deceased)

  1. I have recently purchased great drand-daughter of Fetise out of Mieke Van and by Jorn. Any information from their breeders or owners of their bloodline would ve brilliant

    1. Hi Micala

      I don’t really have much more than this. Maybe contact the KFPS or your local Friesian society for more information. Sorry I can’t be of any more help.


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