Maeije is breeding in the Netherlands in 2013.
Maeije is a modern Friesian that excels under saddle, in harness and as a sire. Maeije enjoys the attention and action of competition, making him an ideal show horse. He has received excellent scores and comments in the dressage ring.
Maeije’s first foal crop was born in the Netherlands in 2009. These youngsters were recognized with 16 1st Premies. Maeije is known for
passing on his very good legs, excellent type and jet-black coat. His offspring also inherit his powerful, supple movement and balance.

Maeije 440 Performance Achievements

1st, Harvest Moon Dressage, 2nd level test 3, 64.186%, 2010
4th, GAIG/USDF Region 1 Championships, 2nd level Adult Amateur Championship, 2010
3rd, Dressage at Bucks County, 2nd Lvl 4, 61.667%, 2010
1st, Canterbury May Days, 2nd Lvl 4, 63.57%, 2010
3rd, Canterbury May Days, 2nd Lvl 4, 62.86%, 2010
Top Under Saddle score at KFPS Stallion Testing, 2007

Stallion Test Scores

Under Saddle
Walk 8.0, Trot 7.5, Canter 7.0, Self-carriage & acceptance of the bit 8.0,
Transitions 7, Suitability for Dressage 7.5 , Total 83

In Harness

Walk 8.0, Trot 7.0, Self-carriage and acceptance of the bit 7.5,
Transitions 7.5, Impulsion 8.0 Suitability for driving 6.5, Total 81.5

In-breeding coefficient 5.47%,
Kinship 17.7%
Allowable white 2%
Non-allowable white 0.5%

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