In 2012 we imported Mark from the Netherlands.  With his stunning Friesian looks and incredible temperament Mark ignited a passion in us for the breed.  in 2013 Mark went to his new loving home at Liberty Park, where he enjoys being the resident stallion and all around Fabio of the place.

His lineage is peppered with multiple Ster, Preferent and Model horses. His sire, the studbook stallion Anton 343 is known for his flowing and extensive hair.

Born 5th March 2004. 1.68m tall. foal presentation 2e premie

Mark will be available for breeding to a select number of mares in the 2013/2014 breeding season.

Click here to review the breeding contract and register your mare for breeding.

We didn’t intend to add a stallion to a crew, but when we met Mark, all of our best intentions flew out the window. His presence and personality is so engaging, we simply couldn’t resist!

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