Name: Hilbrant fan ‘e Oasterein
Gender: Stallion
Lineage: Michiel 442 x Nanning 374
Birth date: 30.03.2010
Stocksize: 165cm 16.1 Hands
Inbreed: 1.76%
FPS-Register: Foal Book
Hilbrant is a tall young foalbook stallion awarded a 3e premie when presented as a foal.  He has plenty of growing room as he is only just three years of age.He can be gelded prior to shipping.

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Please refer to our Sales Barn Information for more details on our operations.

4 thoughts on “**SOLD** Friesian Stallion for Sale (imp) ~ Hilbrant

  1. Hi, I’m just looking around at all types of heavy duty horses like gypsys etc. Just a question what would be a good place to buy cheap pleasure riding horses like these?? if you could help that would be amazing. I’m in Australia as well

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