Straight from the third round of the Stallion Keuring at Lewaarden, we are thrilled to be able to offer this incredibly handsome Ster Stallion for import to Australia.

Name: Lau STER
Gender: Stallion
Lineage: Haitse 425 x Felle 422
Birth date: 02.05.2011
Stocksize: 1.62cm (16H) will mature approx 168cm (16.2 1/4H)
Inbreed: 1.95%
FPS-Register: Foalbook STER Stallion – completed third round of stallion Keuring
This full papered young stallion is more than just a head turner.  He has amazing movement, that is just breathtaking to watch. Complete xrays, and Keuring results available.  Fantastic scores 108 for confirmation and 109 for trot!

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Please refer to our Sales Barn Information for more details on our operations.

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