Straight from the third round of the Stallion Keuring at Lewaarden, we are thrilled to be able to offer this incredibly handsome Ster Stallion for import to Australia.

Name: Lars van de Kastanjehof STER
Gender: Stallion
Lineage: Tymon 456 Teunis 332
Birth date: 07.06.2011
Stocksize: 1.67cm (16.2H) will mature approx 172cm (17H)
Inbreed: 1.76%
FPS-Register: Foalbook STER Stallion

Please refer to our Sales Barn Information for more details on our operations.

One thought on “**SOLD** Friesian Ster Stallion for Sale (imp) ~ Lars van de Kastanjehof

  1. Hi Taryn, I’ve just looked at this STER stallion and he seems like the perfect stallion that I’ve always wanted. He’s got the looks, height and breeding! I was wondering what his chances were of getting a permit and his price at the moment? He’s really the only stallion I’ve seen this tall before.

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