Home to the most beautiful horses in the world!

Dunstan Park is a breeder and importer of Friesian horses in Australia.

Whether you are the most seasoned of Friesian lovers, up to date with all the studbook stallions registered with the KFPS, and all the rules of Keuring, or someone who simply just wants a closer look to see exactly how thick and wavy that beautiful mane is, you are welcome here.

All of our current Friesian black beauties are imported from the Netherlands and registered in the main studbook.  There are three types of Friesian Horses.  The “Baroque” which has the more robust build of the classical Friesian, and the modern, “Sport Horse” type, which is finer-boned.  The third type the ‘Classic’ type also which is a blend of the two.

Dunstan Park Friesians are the Modern Sport Horse type.  Our horses stand out because of their height, conformation, thick and long manes and tails and their very beautiful noble heads.

We offer the following services:

~ selection and importation of  the finest quality Friesian horses from the Netherlands, from young fillies and colts through to Grand Prix dressagedunstan park friesians champions
~ breeding services ~ view our selection of stallions currently standing at stud
in utero foal contracts including the option for payment plans
~ training and breaking to saddle of your Friesian
~ Friesian’s for sale in Australia and New Zealand

Have a look around our website and please contact us if you would like more information, wish to visit to see our beauties up close, or just want to have a chat about what this wonderful breed is like to own, live and work with.