All horses on the property are fed a hard feed, hay and minerals twice daily plus pasture, and have access to a salt lick.  If you require other feed to be fed it and instructions must be provided in a rodent proof bin.

Up to 7 days agistment is included in the breeding fee.

Daily Agistment rate- Dry mares/Wet mares- $22 per inc GST.  All mares are kept in individual paddocks and isolated from all other horses with the exception of the stallion when your mare is being teased and hand served.

  1. Feet: Your mare is required to be barefoot and hooves to be in good condition, recently trimmed. Mares not meeting this criteria or on property for longer than 5 weeks will have their hooves attended to as required.  Hoof trims $77.
  2. Weight: Your mare must be in suitable condition to be bred.  Overweight mares will not be bred.  Underweight mares will not be bred.
  3. Insurance. It is the mare owners responsibility to ensure that the mare and or foal are insured against all risk whilst the horse is in transit (to and from) and at Dunstan Park.
  4. Veterinary Care. Dunstan Park uses the veterinary services of both the Natural Vets at Kunara and North Coast Equine Veterinary. Vet accounts will be forwarded directly to the owners by North Coast Equine Veterinary, and it is likely that payment will be required at the time of consultation. Routine and emergency vet care services may be requested at the discretion of the stud with the costs charged directly to the owner by the veterinary clinic. In the case of an emergency the owner will be contacted, however the stud reserves the right to undertake any action necessary to maintain the health and welfare of the mare and/or foal in question. Whilst all care is taken, the stud accepts no responsibility for any accident, death, disease or injury to any horse whilst on the stud property.
  5. Timing of coverings will be at the stud’s discretion. The stud reserves the right to continue covering at its discretion.
  6. Pregnancy testing: If your mare remains at the stud beyond 14 days post serving, our vet will pregnancy test your mare.  This service is additional to the service fees and will be billed to you directly.
  7. Should the mare depart the stud after covering but prior to any veterinary examinations being performed, proper pregnancy testing must be sought by the owner and carried out at 15, 30 and 45 days to ensure the mare is in foal and results from the veterinarian forwarded to Dunstan Park.  Failure to do this will void the live foal guarantee.
  8. For the purpose of pregnancy testing, pregnancy includes a twin pregnancy. Should the mare have twins, selective reduction from a multiple pregnancy to a single pregnancy will be undertaken without consultation, unless otherwise stated by the mare owner at the start of the breeding season. The vet will do this to the best of their abilities.
  9. Inspections. Stud season is a very busy time. We appreciate your interest in your mare. To inspect your mare an appointment must be made at least 48 hours prior due to the amount of stud work being performed. Any reasonable request will not be refused.
  10. Service papers will be provided on birth of the foal in the case of a filly and on confirmation of gelding in the case of a colt.  Service papers will not be provided if an outstanding balance remains on your account.
  11. Our Stud Rules can be found at
  12. Invoicing. All service fees and agistment for the intended time must be paid in full prior to or on your mares arrival.  Any further agistment will be invoiced in advance after discussion with you. All agistment, service fees and associated costs must be fully paid before your mare leaves the stud. Fees may be paid by credit card with a 3.5% surcharge.  Please do not ask to collect your mare whilst you have an outstanding balance as refusal may offend.

Live Foal Guarantee

Dunstan Park offer a live foal guarantee.  A “live foal” is defined as one that stands and nurses.

You are required to obtain an IGG test on the newborn foal and a vet check post foaling on the mare.  Failure to do so may invalidate your live foal guarantee.

If your mare has EVER been Hendra vaccinated you forfeit your live foal guarantee.

If your foal does not stand and nurse and is either euthanised as a result or dies naturally, you are entitled to request that your mare be re-served.

In the event that you request a rebreed under the live foal guarantee a collection/serving fee of $440 is applicable, plus any agistment should your mare remain on the property for any length of time.

Time Limits

If your mare does not become pregnant during one year’s “breeding season”, you will be offered a rebreed for that mare to this stallion the following year. However, if your mare does not become pregnant within two breeding seasons, you no longer have the right to rebreed your mare to the stallion, and you forfeit all fees paid.

If after two inseminations, your mare does not fall pregnant, you may decide to give up trying to breed your mare for this season.  You have the right to rebreed your mare during the next breeding season.  However, if you rebreed your mare during the second breeding season and she becomes pregnant, the live foal guarantee does not apply.

The Importance of Following the Rules

As a condition of the live foal guarantee, we require veterinary certificates at various stages during the pregnancy.  The mare owner is required to submit the results of an initial pregnancy check as well as a pregnancy check at 45 days gestation.

In the event your foal does not survive, your veterinarian must certify that the mare has aborted or that the foal died before standing and nursing, with an explanation as to why.  This certification must be provided within 7 days of the event.

Your foal must undergo an IGG test prior to 24 hours of age, and your mare a post foaling check.  The results of these must be submitted to us in order for your live foal guarantee to be valid.

Transferability of contract

What if your mare does not conceive during the first breeding season? What if she dies before she becomes pregnant? What if you sell her?

You may apply the contract to another mare or transfer the contract to a friend, or third party at the Stud’s discretion.  The mare that the contract has been transferred to must be approved by the stud.

Stallion Limitations

The live foal guarantee will only be honoured as long as the stallion is alive and fit for service.  If the stallion dies or becomes unfit for service, we may offer chilled semen or live cover from another of our Stallions, or Frozen semen from the same stallion where it is available.  The mare owner is responsible for additional costs incurred in collection of the semen and Veterinary services in connection with the AI.

Other Limitations  

The live foal guarantee does not apply if you breed your mare to another stallion during the term of the breeding contract.  For example, you breed your mare to stallion #1 during the 2004 breeding season and she does not take.  You then decide to breed your mare to stallion #2 during the 2005 breeding season.

The live foal guarantee does not apply if you put your mare back into training or competition after her pregnancy is confirmed.

The live foal guarantee does not apply if your mare becomes ill or injured during the pregnancy and you do not inform us.

The live foal guarantee does not apply if you do not feed your mare a balanced diet during the course of her pregnancy.  A hair sample of your mare may be requested to ensure that she has been fed appropriately should a rebreed under the live foal guarantee be requested.  This will be performed at the owners’ expense.