Due November 2015, this repeat breeding of Fenna and Epke is sure to produce another beautiful foal similar to the gorgeous Vuitton.  Five year old Epke is one of the most popular young stallions in the Netherlands at the moment.

Fenna x Epke


This Epke x Fenna (Maurus x Leffert) foal is going to be one outstanding tall Friesian.  Fenna is full papered 3rd premie Studbook mare, tall and elegant, imported from the Netherlands in 2014, this is her second foal.  Trained in both harness and dressage, Fenna has a stunning long mane.  She is a wonderful mother and gives everything that she has to her foals.

Fenna’s foal is available on a long term payment plan over up to 3 years.

Fenna free move
Epke Keuring 2014
Epke Linear Scorecard
Fenna Linear Scorecard
Vuitton Estimated breeding values and lineage







Contact us today to reserve this beautiful baby and join us in it’s journey from day one!



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