Due October 2015, this Epke baby is going to have the moves! Isa has the most fun personality of all of our mares.  She is great to ride and drive and moves beautifully.  This baby will be a wonderful addition to any home.

Epke Isa

This Epke x Isa (Maurus x Remmelt) foal is going to be a beautiful foal, with lovely conformation and lots of hair.  Both Epke and Isa have a long thick stunning mane.  Isa is a fun beautiful looking mare, imported from the Netherlands in 2014, this is her second foal, her first being a stunning colt from Maeije.  Trained in both harness and dressage, Isa is cheeky and fun.  She is a genuine and honest mare.  She has a wonderful work ethic and is very willing and responsive under saddle.  The offspring of these two promises to be a beautiful modern type.

Isa’s foal is available on a long term payment plan over a term of up to 3 years.

Epke 474 2014 Stallion Keuring
Epke 474 Linear Scorecard
Isa free move


Isa Linear Score Card
Epke x Isa Breeding Calculation including Linear Scorecard




Contact us today to reserve this beautiful baby and join us in it’s journey from day one!



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