Fat bottomed girls

Let’s talk about a sensitive subject! And I warn you, as a 6 foot woman with a predisposition to a broader base line, I am going to be brutally honest, so if you are sensitive about your weight, perhaps you’d better pour yourself another glass and move on to the next post. I’ll never forget… Read More

Friesians Dream or nightmare (part II)

Last month we looked at some Friesian specific challenges with their health.  This month we will cover some personality traits that are unique to them, as well as some care issues. Pushiness While adults are considered very friendly and usually docile (moreso than many other breeds of horse) young friesians can be overly pushy, to… Read More

It’s automatic, it’s hydromatic; it’s Grease…..y heels :(

What a wet wet summer we have had here in Queensland! With over 2m of rain falling on the Sunshine Coast in the last 6 weeks not only is our Keuring preparation out the window but we are fighting pretty hard to keep our horses protected from the elements. One of the main concerns of… Read More

Hands versus Metric Height conversion for horses

I have just had a question on our Facebook page from a visitor as to why we post the height of our horses in centimetres instead of in hands. It’s a great question.  I certainly grew up with hands being the standard measurement for horses.  And I thought I knew it backwards.  A hand is… Read More

An H2O lesson from the Dutch

Who is sick of finding cane toads in your drinking troughs? Or worried that water in pastures is becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes and heaven only knows what else. Or for those of you who stable at night, who is tired of lugging buckets full of water from tank to stable every day? (My… Read More