Andries 415

Andries 415 Sport (Tsjerk x Nykle): 1.66 m. Andries was approved on offspring in 2007.  Andries contributes a positive breed type and conformation to his offspring. A Sport horse, Andries has achieved Z level dressage, and is awarded sport in both dressage and harness as a high achiever. Andries is a conformation sire of excellence.… Read More

Anton 343

Anton is the sire of our gorgeous stallion standing at stud Dunstan Park Mark Anton 343 Sport’s Inbreed Coefficient is 2.34% As you study Anton’s pedigree, please pay particular attention to Model, Preferent, and Ster Mares that are overwhelmingly evident on this legendary Stallion’s pedigree. The quality of Anton’s offspring is evidenced by his over… Read More

Felle 422

Felle is Adelgonda‘s gorgeous Sire. She really looks like him too. Stk.m.: 1.68 m V: Lolke 371 Mv: Gerlof 294 M: Zorinda D ster pref Felle’s offspring scored the highest of all participating stallions, the descendants of Felle took ridden an average of 72.9 pts and 72.1 tightened! Felle had a uniform group breed typical and… Read More

Rest in peace Hinne 427 Sport

We have had some terribly sad news from the Netherlands from Stalhouderij Meijer.  The approved KFPS Stallion (and sire to Dunstan Park Adelgonda’s unborn foal) Hinne 427 Sport passed away last week. I had the privilege of meeting this awesome and very tall horse when I was in the Netherlands last month, and was incredibly saddened to hear… Read More