Folkert-353If you are looking at importing a Friesian for dressage, one of the most confusing aspects can be trying to match up the Dutch dressage levels to the Australian ones. That is because there isn’t an exact like for like comparison.  The below table gives an outline of how you can compare some of the levels and the skills and elements the horse and rider are required to successfully perform at that level.

Dressage Levels and comparative elements for Dutch Dressage

Dressage Elements corresponding to the Dutch Levels The Netherlands Dressage Levels (Nederland dressuurklassen) German Dressage Levels (Deutschland Dressur Klassen) USA and Canada (dressage levels) UK,  Australia, New Zealand (dressage levels)
No equivalent No equivalent Introductory Level Preperation
B = (begin) Training/1st E = Einsteiger(beginner, novice, new) Training Level Preliminary
Medium walk Medium trot Backwards Leg yield Medium Canter L1, L2 = (licht) 1st/2nd A = Anfanger(beginner, initial) = training First Level Novice/N
Collected Walk Extended Walk Turn on Haunches CollectedTrotExtendedTrotShoulderInTraversCounter Canter M1, M2 = (midden) 2nd/3rd L = Leich(light) = 2nd/3rd (elementary) Second Level Elementary
Half pass trot Collected Canter Extended Canter Half pass caterSimple ChangesFlying changes Z1, Z2 = (zwaar), 3rd/4th(Medium Standard, Advanced Medium), Z1 similar 3rd level test 1, Z2 is 3rd with flying changes. M, M/A = Mittel (medium)Kategorie B and Kategorie A. M (M/B) comes before M/A = 3rd/4th (medium). Third Level Medium/M, Advanced Medium
Flying changes every three of four ZZ-Licht: ZZ-L = 3rd/4th S = Schwer (heavy) = 4th-FEI (advanced) Fourth Level Advanced
1/4 pirouette in canter ZZ-Zwaar: ZZ-Z = just below Prix St. Georges,ZZ levels are preparation for international sport. S Fifth Level Advanced
FEI Levels: Lichte Tour (Prix St. Georges) Midden Tour(Intermediaire I and II), Zware Tour (Grand Prix) FEI Levels FEI Levels FEI Levels

Here is a gorgeous example of a Friesian Grand Prix Stallion ~ Anders 451

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