Our partners are the wonderful people that we work with who help us bring you outstanding quality Friesians. We are more than happy to recommend their services to you, as we have found their contribution to our horses invaluable. We simply could not have gotten here without their assistance.

Wendara Equine

177161_458507420834496_1257707262_oWendara Equine Wellness Centre is owned and run by Amy Townsing and is located on a picturesque 25 acres overlooking the Glasshouse Mountains in Wamuran, Queensland.

Amy does wonderful barefoot trimming and “pedi” work on our Friesians feet and has helped to keep them as healthy as possible with all of the recent rain and mud that they have had to put up with.  She also takes care of their muscle therapy for them which with all of the slipping and sliding in the mud has left them feeling a little stiff and sorry for themselves.  We love her work and highly recommend her services!Dunstan Park Facebook Icon

Amy is fully qualified in the following therapies:

  • Equine Muscle Release Therapy Practitioner
  • Equine Red Light Therapy Practitioner (as taught by Dianne Jenkins)
  • Saddle Fitting and Farrier Science Level One (as taught by Dr Kerry Ridgway)
  • Equine Podiotherapy – Andrew Bowe and Mike Ware (finished course component and is currently completing case studies
  • Equine Myofascial Release Therapy

And is currently studying:

  • Equine Myotherapy (Equine Massage)
  • Equine Naturopath (through National College of Traditional Medicine)
  • Equine Muscle Management

Wendara Equine Wellness Centre currently services South East Queensland and the Sunshine Coast but will travel much further north for group bookings. In house consultations are welcomed and horses can be agisted and treated on site if required for longer term patients.


Lisa McCann Herbs

Lisa has worked with us recently to provide an ultimate supplemental blend for our Friesians that encompasses a unique composition of minerals, trace elements and vitamins. We want to prevent the nasties, bring our horses to their optimum health levels and keep them there. Lisa takes a one on one consultative approach to ensuring that your horses are getting what they need in their feed. She has been operating for nearly 20 years, and is an experienced horsewoman, not some scientist trying to invent the next major money spinner for the equestrian world. We love Lisa’s approach and our horses are in better health for it!

Lisa McCann Herbs 07 5447 7644
Feeding naturally is the best thing you can do for your horse.

Friesenstal Reuselinkhof

Rob Hesselink and Karin Reuselink are our partners in the Netherlands.  Rob and Karin have an expert eye and find only the highest quality Friesian horses.  Horses are their passion and this is evident in everything that they do.  The Friesians that they select are all of excellent mother lines, and out of Studbook stallions.  They have a predisposition for the tallest of horses and have excellent relationships with training (both saddle and harness) partners, breeding partners and transport partners in the region.

We are very proud to have the opportunity to work with them to bring their horses to Australia.

Rob and Karin select only the premium Friesians to export to Australia

Friesian Crazy

Are you as crazy about Friesian horses as we are?  You will LOVE this site!  The team at Friesian crazy have an amazing amount of knowledge and resources that they freely share with those who are almost as nutty as they are for our beloved four legged feathered friends. Their site is a very reliable source of knowledge about the Friesian breed and the specific studbook stallions and their progeny all around the world.  Check it out for a bit of light reading and a lot of enlightening!