Pedigree 25, thoroughbred from 1914, is a real edifice. Several stallions from this pedigree could be approved. Three lines stand out for quality:

– Vesta 4528 Model-Preferent;

– Nienke f.t Sud 3893 Model-Preferent;

– Jeanette 5275 Star-Preferent.



Vesta’s ancestry starts with Koosje (1914) who for her temperament was known as ‘Koosje, the fury’. Koosje gave birth to Eppi 1425 (Ynte), the mother of the stallion Waling, who would have a great impact through his son Ewold 181. Eppi also produced the excellent Klavervrouw, mother of Eelke, Ristske’s father. Vesta was born in 1957, became Star in 1960 and measured 1.59. On September 6, 1967 she received the Model designation and at that time measured 1.63. The official description is:’Good as to quality and type, fine neck, walk and smooth trot.’ In 1967 at the Central Inspection she won a First Premim and the next year then became the Breeding Day Champion. She died in 1982 at the age of 25. In 1967 she was declared Preferent and in 1993 was pronounced Performance Mother on account of 3 children who had been admitted to the Premier Showhorse Category.

Vesta was ‘discovered’ when a foal by S.B. Woudstra. She was daughter of Meint 196, a luxuriant stallion bred by Woudstra. Inbred on Ynte, Ritske was selected as a partner for Vesta. L.W. Dijkstra, who had owned the mare since 1969, followed suit. Later he switched over to Hearke.

Vesta produced twelve foals; of the seven mares five were declared Model and two Star. The stallions were the Showhorses Wybren 236 (barren) and Ulbe D. Of the daughters, four have already been declared preferent for progeny.


Jaana, who stood out in Harness and became known as a team mate of Stynke (Peke’s mother), has five Star daughters to her name, two of whom Jitsche and Maernke, showed good gaits in harness. In 1978 Vesta’s son Wybren took the title in the single draught category and received various honorary mentions. In 1978, with his full sister Aukje D. he won the pairs championship aswell.

Aukje D. champion of the breeding mares in harness category in 1978, scored as to type; she obtained seven first premiums at the Central Inspections and in 1974 became Reserve Champion. By Hearke, she had the beautiful mare Aukje 2, who, as a 2 year old was awarded 1A at the Central Inspection and an IBOP A 88 for Showdriving. She is the mother of the premium category showhorse Mette. Aukje 2 died in 1996, a painful loss for her breeder, inspector Mulder, and for breeding as a whole. Her full sister Hilde Aukje had a good breeding record.

Fransiska D. was champion at the 1979 Central Inspection and obtained many honorary mentions at the breeding day, being very impressive with fine breeding groups.

As a foal, Hilde D. was awarded a first premium, ranked high among the yearlings at the Central Inspection, took the yearling and two-year old championship titles in 1975, and, as a three-year old was pronounced Breeding Day Champion in Oldeboorn. The luxuriant Maintsje D. received the Model designation in 1983, won the Breeding Day Champion in 1984, and was an excellent saddle horse. The following descendants were sired by Hearke.

Paula D. was the reserve Champion in the two-year old category of the breeding day, obtained a third place as a showhorse, and year after year brought her breeder A. Bijl, Katlijk, a foal. On account of this, Paula was declared Preferent. Her daughter Black Beauty was also awarded this designation.

The descendants of these horses were the highlights of many breeding days and Central Inspections (eg in 1990 four first premiums for Lady and three full sisters: Margriet, Parel and Rinske). Lady and Magriet both obtained an IBOP B 78 in harness.

Ulba (Hearke x Vesta) was placed F 2147 in harness. Vesta’s youngest daughter is Wietske, who, as a two year old took the title in Esbeek and the next year was awarded 1A in the three year old’s category.


The memory of the breeding activities of the Durksz family of Drachten lingers on in Van Hett Sud. Preceeding Nienke are three generations of almost legendary breeding mares being:

Thali Model-Preferent, mother of Ulrig 204;
Klavervrouw Model-Preferent, mother of Eelke 183;
Eppi Preferent, mother of Waling 161.

Nienke won 5 best breeding group awards in Bergum (1966,1967,1968, among other years). The stallions Ewoud, Marko, Arwent and Tiemen descended from her progeny. Charme featured large at the breeding days and Central Inspections: first premium in 1968. Her daughter Wyldepust had two daughters with excellent transmitting qualities; Jeltske, mother of Femcke, once winner of the championship title at the Central Inspection, the beautiful Romy and Urena, with two daughters pronounced champion in Blauwhuis: Charme (1995) and Esse (1996).

Oosterbaan Tzummarum saw his Noortje v.d Ringdam declared Preferent owing to four star mares including the impressive Jancka v. Synaeda, who had already taken the title at the breeding day in Blauwhuis.

The five preferent horses in this line are the very picture of breeding consistency and there are no doubt more to come. A sad loss was the early death of the Stallion Tieme 330 (oege x Pearel).


Jeanette bred by G.Tj. Folkertsma of Koudum, was born on31 March 1962. Her offspring comprises of twelve foals, six of whom were registered as Star mares. Jeanette had excellent conformation, was productive, performed of her own account, descended from a famous performance mother, and contributed a few outstanding transmitters to the pedigree. Her progeny, nearly thirty star mares, four of whom were preferent, stood out for conformation and gaits. Three breeding products, Redbad, Germen and Norbert, worked their way up to the premier showhorse category.

Among the best transmitting Friesian breeding stallions are Alva 113, Ynte 130, Danilo 137, and Ritske 202. So, what we see is that three out of these four stallions directly occur on the Jeanette pedigree. Both Ynte and Danilo came from Alva mothers, so that Knjillis can be considered a reasonably good performance transmitter. His daughters produced mares who in turn brought well performing sons (Tiemen 159, first prize before the gig in 1946 and 1947; Broar 146;Wouter 162 (evocative gaits); Lutsen 192; grandson Tabe 203, mother’s father of Hearke 254 Preferent; Peter 153 (1945 first prize before the gig), son of Knjillis, was the father of the showhorse Eabeltje owned by W. Peestra.


In the mid-fifties and early sixties show driving with friesians was dominated by a group of mares also known as ‘the big four’: Beite 2220 (pedigree 94); Eke 2538 (from pedigree 39, died out regrettably), daughter of the famous mare Timmel, who also gave birth to Meint 196 and Oene 201; Eabeltje 2644 (pedigree 50) and Beitsk, Jeanette’s mother.

Beitske was born with B.H Boersma of Hidaard on March 7, 1943. She was awarded first premiums in the foal, yearling and three year olds categories. In 1946, she was granted the star designation, in 1954, owned by G.Tj. Folkertsma, Koudum for two years, she was declared model. With O. Veeninga at the reins. Beitske won many prizes. Thus, in 1953, she came second in Leeuwarden, and in 1958 first in the Open category on Bolsward; also that year she was second (after Eke) in Blauwhuis. Additionally she produced nine foals.

When rgistered as a star mare, her daughter Jeanette is described as follows ‘Fine, luxuriant and of an evenly built type. Walk good, trot smooth and square.’ Bob Hoofstee gives the following description of her appearance at the showgrounds: ‘talented, luxuriant, and light footed.’ She left behind twelve foals, of whom six daughters were declared star. The father of her eldest daughter Regiena is Ate 209, son of Eelke and grandson of Ynte. Consequently she had inherited a great deal of movement in her genetic package. She had nine foals, five daughters were registered. Her sons Redbad (1978-Mark),and Germen (1973-Hotse) were imposing as showhorses.

Redbad (Hofstee family) had prize money totalling Dfl. 26.670 to his name, was NI-S single horse draught champion for ladies in 1982 as well as in 1984, took the title in the premier single horse draught category; he also won, with Alfred, the paris championship in 1987 and in the same year came first twelve times out of the seventeen starts. Germen, owned by S. Bangma secured toatl prize money of Dfl. 7070.

Regiena daughter of Merimert, by Bouwe 242, was declared star as well as preferent. She had two star daughters, a few star geldings and, by Mark, the premier category showhorse Nobert. A particulary beautiful daughter of Regiena is Ocarine, star. In 1982 she was marked 1B at the breeding day and central inspection.


Jeanette’s second daughter has progeny. However, the third daughter’s breeding performance is exceptional on account of Cevia (Van der Zee, St Jacobioparochie), who has four star daughters, including Amalia Annie, who took 1A as a three year oldin Drachten in 1995 and was pronounced provisional model in 1996. The same honour was conferred on her full sister Sonjaa. Seldom have I seen a better breeding group than Jeanette’s in Blauwhuis in 1982, with her three youngest daughters, Pieternel, Trinette, and Rinette. Pieternel (owner Veenje, Garyp) has by now been declared preferent with three star daughters and one second round inspection stallion. Trinette also produced four star-quality offspring: with two stallions in the second inspection round and two star mares, Jeanette 2 and Pinksterblom.

D.G. Wiersma (1997)

Article reproduced from the FPS Marebook, pages 268-272 inclusive, volume 2

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