We happily invite you to agist your horses with us and welcome you and your visitors.

In order to keep you, us and all ponies safe and healthy we have a few rules that we request you abide by.


Your agistment fees are those that are agreed upon with yourself, the horse owner (agistee) and us, Dunstan Park Stud, (agistor). The agistment fees cover the cost of the paddock, the care and feed we provide, and use of our facilities. If for any reason you are unable to meet your agistment fees, please let us know in advance.  It is better for you to talk to us proactively than for us to have to approach you.

Your use of Dunstan Park Stud is conditional upon your account being kept in good standing.  Your individual contract outlines what your fees do and don’t provide and the terms of use.

Be very aware that we are not a stud where horses are left to fend for themselves.  All horses here are hard fed and hay fed every day.  All horses are wormed by us, on our worming schedule.  All horses have their feet tended to every 4-6 weeks.  All horses have the dentist at least once a year.  All horses have a chiro if necessary.  All horses have the vet to them if necessary.  All horses are looked after, cleaned and kept healthy.  All of these aspects cost money.  Every day. If you are not a person who is prepared to spend the money to have your horse looked after, and we are well aware that there are many of you in the horse industry, then you are not interested in keeping your horse at our stud, nor breeding your mare to our stallion.


Whilst your horse is agisted at Dunstan Park Stud, Dunstan Park Stud shall NOT be liable for any sickness, disease, injury or death suffered by the horse or any other cause of action arising from or connecting to the agisting of your horse. All reasonable and proper care of the property is taken by Dunstan Park Stud, but all risks are assumed by the owner of the horse. The owner agrees to hold Dunstan Park Stud harmless from any loss or injury to the agisted horse. All costs, connected with agisting are borne by the horse owner. It is the horse owners responsibility to insure their horse and horse gear/equipment against all risks while they are on the property or being transported. Dunstan Park Stud will not remove agisted horses from the property without the horse owners consent, except where the horse is being sold to recover costs incurred by Dunstan Park Stud, or there is an emergency (for example, fire or flood). In this case Dunstan Park Stud will promptly inform the horse owner of the new location of the horse.  Please take the time to familiarise yourself with our emergency evacuation policy.


Dunstan Park has relationships with the following caregivers:

  • Barefoot trimmer ~ 4 weekly visits
  • Farrier ~ as needed
  • Chiropractor ~ as needed
  • Dentist ~ 6 monthly
  • Veterinarian ~ as needed

Dunstan Park Stud will notify the horse owner immediately if they become aware that the horse is suffering from any significant or noticeable sickness, disease or injury. We request a list of your vet and farriers name and phone numbers along with any phone numbers that you can be contacted on in an emergency upon arrival to the property. If your horse is badly injured or very ill and we are unable to contact you immediately, we will call your vet on your behalf. If we are unable to reach your vet, we will contact the next available vet for assistance.  Please advise us if you change vet or farrier.

All costs for external providers must be paid for by you, the agistee.

If you have not specified a vet, or we cannot get in contact with your specified vet, then we will call the nearest vet in the area in the case of an emergency, and you will be liable for all vet costs.

In the instance of using your own professionals, we are not responsible for holding your horse for your vet unless it is arranged prior or in an emergency situation It is not our responsibility to hold your horse for any equine carer unless prior arrangements have been made.

We require 48 hours notice to hold your horse for unscheduled care.  Holding your horse in an emergency incurs a cost of $55/hour.

We are not responsible for holding your horse for you farrier unless you use our farrier. In this case we will organise your horses farriering needs on our stud schedule.

If you have any special requests please tell us so that we can ensure these needs are met.

Your farrier must clean up after himself i.e. pick up all nails and put them in the bins provided, and take with him old horse shoes. This is your responsibility to make sure that they do this, otherwise that farrier will be asked not to return to Dunstan Park Stud.

Horses with untended feet will not be permitted to remain on the property.  Your horse must have it’s feet tended by a farrier at least once every 8 weeks.  If your horses feet are not tended in this time, or are showing signs of neglect or damage we will contact you.  If you do not tend to your horses feet within 7 days of contact we will arrange for your horse to have a barefoot trim performed and will add this to your bill at a cost of $77.


Dunstan Park provide a nutritionalist designed diet of hard feed and hay for your horse.  We no longer allow owners to feed their horses their own diets due to inadequate feeding of horses in the past.  Legally the agistor is responsible for the well being of the horses on the property, not the owner.  Therefore we will feed them so that they are kept in the best of health and charge you accordingly.  If you wish to discuss your diet with us please contact us.

Dunstan Park Stud will maintain all waterers and fences, but please advise us if you notice a problem with them. If any of the taps are left running unattended there is an immediate fee of $100, and if a tank is drained, you will be required to pay for 20,000L at the current cost. This will be charged to your account.

Dunstan Park Stud do not permit the watering of grass for either irrigation or the softening of ground.

All rugs must be of good order and safe in every feasible way. Damaged or ill-fitting rugs are dangerous to horses and will be removed and the agistee advised. If in full care, Dunstan Park will rug and unrug as per your request, however if horses remain in rugs unsuitable to the current weather conditions, rugs will be removed and you will be contacted. Rugs must be supplied by you unless arranged otherwise.


We are very particular about worming at Dunstan Park Stud. Therefore your horse will be wormed on arrival with Equest + Tape and isolated for a minimum of 1 week, more if worms are deemed present.

A fecal egg count will be taken.  If the fecal egg count is not negative we will take another in 14 days.  Then we will commence our natural worming program. Fecal egg counts will be taken every 6 months and managed with Equest + tape if not negative. Blood tests will be taken annually to check for Tapeworms.  Equest + Tape is given annually at the blood test.

Our dentist attends quarterly. Your horse will be tended to at the next visit, and a future schedule established.  In the event that your horse appears to be suffering from untended teeth prior to the dentist’s scheduled visit we will arrange a special visit.

If your horse is here for education or starting under saddle the dentist will attend to it’s teeth.  This is non negotiable.

We require that you keep us abreast of your vaccination schedule in case we need to provide emergency veterinary care for your horse. Be aware that there are other horses on the property NOT vaccinated for Tetanus, Strangles, Herpes, Salmonella nor Hendra.  If your horse is regularly taken off property and associating with other horses, we recommend that you confirm immunity for Strangles via a titre test on a bi-ennial basis.


All persons riding a horse on Dunstan Park Stud property MUST wear a well fitting, Australian Standards Approved riding helmet.

All tack must be safe and in good working order.

ALL persons entering Dunstan Park Stud MUST also wear fully enclosed protective shoes whilst on the property. This means all agistees, friends, children, instructors, prospective horse buyers etc. All agistees are held responsible to inform any persons entering the property on their behalf, that they must adhere to these rules. Any person not adhering to these rules will be asked to leave Dunstan Park Stud.


These areas are provided for your use. YOU are expected to keep them clean. Dunstan Park Stud will not clean up after you.

Pick up any rubbish, horse hair etc. and put in the rubbish bins provided.

Pick up your horses manure and put in the manure pit.

Any of the taps are left on and unattended there is an immediate fine of $100.


You may use the rooms provided for storage of your feed and tack etc. A staff member will help identify suitable locations for your belongings.  This is done at your OWN risk. Please keep both your tack and these rooms clean, as you are the ones using it.

Our washing machine is provided for your use for washing horse rugs, saddle blankets and boots.  Please ensure that you leave the machine and the area around it clean when you are finished.

You are sharing these rooms with others, please do not touch items that do not belong to you. The Tack and Feed room is not secured.


The property is available for access between the hours of 6am and 7pm 7 days a week.

Access outside of these hours is by prior arrangement only, or in the case of veterinary emergency.


If your horse is in a solo self care paddock, it is your responsibility to pick up your own horses manure.  Please do this twice weekly in order to keep your paddock clean and free of disease and worms.

All paddocks will be cleaned on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.  If your paddock has not been cleaned, it will be, and a $50 fee will be added to your account. Place all manure in the manure pit.


All paddocks are sprayed regularly by Dunstan Park Stud for weeds. Dunstan Park use organic weed spray that is harmless to horses.  It is a condition of agistment that we are allowed access to your paddock at all times to do this at our convenience, or to do any other work on the paddock that needs doing.


You must maintain at a minimum a Public Liability policy for your horse for at least $1,000,000.  A certificate of currency must be provided to the stud and kept up to date if changes are in place.  Theft, loss of use, vet care and mortality insurance is optional and recommended.


All horses must be constrained at all times on the property, except for in your paddock. This is for the safety of all horses, people, cars and floats.

You are responsible to pay for any damage caused by your horse to any person or their property. You may graze your horse in the laneways as long as they are on a lead. All manure must be cleaned up from the laneway and car park area.

All electric fences must be turned on at all times unless you are opening gates and going through them.  Electric fences are there for the safety of our horses and the horses of others.  If you repeatedly leave fences off your agistment will be terminated.  Electric fences hurt.  They are designed to.  Please be careful.


Round bales are not permitted in the paddocks without prior permission.  Permission will not be refused unnecessarily.


You can enter and leave the property from the main entrance.  You will be given access to the gate lock via a phone App.

If you open a gate to pass through it you MUST shut the gate behind you and lock it if a lock is in place.  Repeatedly leaving gates open/unlocked will result in your agistment being terminated.

There is a 10km/hour speed limit over the entire property.


Dunstan Park use CCTV to monitor the security of the premises both at the entrance and in and around the barn and paddocks.  You will be filmed whilst on our premises.  Entrance to our property constitutes acceptance of being filmed.


Horse floats can be left at Dunstan Park Stud at fee of $5.50 per week.  Your horse float is stored here at your own risk. Once you leave Dunstan Park Stud, your horse float must be taken with you, it cannot be left here. Your float must be cleaned out and not stored full of waste and hay. Please keep the area around your float clean and tidy. When you take your float out for the day, do not leave bricks/wood etc, in the grass, put them in your float.

Dunstan Park have a horse float available for hire for $200/day. This includes a driver and tow vehicle. Fuel costs over $25 will be charged separately. Bookings are essential.


NO other horses other than those agisted on the property or hiring the arena are permitted to use any of Dunstan Park Stud’s facilities at any time.


ABSOLUTELY NO dogs (or any other pets) are permitted on the property at any time, unless by prior arrangement, and then they must be on a lead at ALL times. Please make sure that your friends, farriers, vets etc, do not bring dogs.  This is for both yours and our animals safety.  Dunstan Park will NOT be held responsible for our horses or other animals harming pets brought onto the property without permission in any way, and in the event of dogs coming onto the property and causing damage to horses we will pursue the dog owner for all costs and damages incurred.


Smoking is not permitted ANYWHERE on the premises at any time. This rule is without exception.

Rubbish must be picked up.  Bins are provided for your rubbish. If you happen to break a glass bottle, please pick up the pieces and advise someone from Dunstan Park so that we can ensure that all pieces are picked up.

Children agist their horses here and have lessons here. Excessive foul language and potty mouths will not be tolerated and we request that you are mindful of the people around you.  Frankly it is disgusting, get a better vocabulary.

Children under the age of 16 are not to enter the paddocks or ride any horse without a responsible adult in attendance.

Stallions are kept on the property.  The stallion paddocks may not be entered at anytime by any person without the express permission of Dunstan Park Stud.

Please do not feed horses other than your own without the owners permission, not carrots, not bread, not hay, not anything, EVER!

This is without exception and VERY IMPORTANT!

When these rules are adhered to, horses, owners and the people at Dunstan Park are kept happy, and it is a pleasant environment for all.